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First NameLast NameCityPhoneHelp willing to giveMondaysTuesdaysWednesdaysThursdaysFridaysSundaysSaturdays
Christine Smith heaven 7910565410
Rosie Temple Hull I’m a dog, I don’t have a phone. Leisure Activities, Gardening/Maintenance, Drive (Employers Car), Get up/ Put to bed Mornings, Afternoons Mornings, Afternoons Mornings, Afternoons Mornings, Afternoons Afternoons
Steph BENN Hull 01482 878778 Housework, Gardening/Maintenance, Shopping Evenings Nights Evenings, Nights Mornings Mornings
Mata Hari Hull 01482 300300 Leisure Activities, Gardening/Maintenance, Financial (e.g. Collecting Benefits), Get up/ Put to bed, Night Time Turning Mornings Nights
a b d
Duncan Edge Bransholme 01482 878778 Leisure Activities Afternoons Afternoons Afternoons Afternoons
Dawn Mickleburgh Hull 01482 878778 Housework, Leisure Activities, Shopping Evenings Mornings, Afternoons Evenings Evenings Evenings
Suzanne Benn Hull 01482 878778 Housework, Shopping, Bathing/toiletting, Night Time Turning Evenings Afternoons Mornings Afternoons Nights Mornings
auntie bessie
rachel whiteley 01482833817 Cooking, Financial (e.g. Collecting Benefits) Afternoons Mornings Mornings Afternoons Afternoons
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