Getting Advice as a PA

In all cases, it’s recommended that you raise
any concerns with your employer sooner
rather than later, so that any issues/concerns
can be sorted out amicably.
However, if you’re unable to resolve the issue
directly and need employment advice you
can contact the Advisory, Conciliation and
Arbitration Service (ACAS). Find out more on
their website at:
You can also get advice from your union
(if you’re a member) or local support
organisations, for example peer groups.


Just as your employer will expect you to fulfil
your employment duties, you have a right
to expect your employer won’t do anything
which puts you in danger or ask you to break
the law.
If you feel that your employer is asking you
to do something that’s risky or goes against
what you’ve been trained to do, you should
speak with them. If this doesn’t sort out the
issues, then speak to others, for example the
employer’s family, friends or professionals
working with them.
Communication is vital to sorting out any
problems. The quicker it’s talked about the
faster it can be sorted, and it stops small
issues becoming larger problems