The CHAMPs (Caring, Helpful Amazing People) Awards

Monday 11th September 2023 marks the launch of The CHAMPs (Caring, Helpful Amazing People) Awards .  The award ceremony aims to show our appreciation to Unpaid Carers in Hull for the astonishing difference they make every single day.


The CHAMPs awards will recognise and reward Unpaid Carers for their hard work, kindness and resilience and recognise those Professionals and Services that are of great help to Unpaid Carers in Hull.


The Carers Information & Support Service as part of Hull’s Carers Partnership Board will be hosting the first Hull Carers Award Ceremony which will take place on Carers Rights Day, Thursday 23rd November 2023 at 12:30pm to 4pm at Guildhall, Hull.


Julie Bahn, Service Manager, Carers Information & Support Service said, “working on the CHAMPs awards is an absolute privilege.  A discussion within the Carers Partnership Board Meeting led to a suggestion from one of the members who has lived experience as a carer, further collaboration and consultation with carers in Hull has resulted in an award ceremony named by carers for carers”.   We know that often it is difficult for people to recognise themselves as a carer as the support they give to a loved one increases over time, however by shining a light on carers in Hull and celebrating the amazing contributions they make we hope to help others to identity as a carer and access support too.


Gina Walker, Parent Carer for 25 years, said” A carer is an unassuming individual who rarely complains about what they are going through themselves but will fight tooth and nail for the person they care for, they give the illusion it’s not hard and they can cope in fact it is easy. We are our own worst enemies.  The CHAMPS for me is giving carers the recognition they would never ask for but deserve.”

Do you know a carer who is making a difference and deserves an award?

Please join us sharing within your networks, families, friends, workplace and communities and nominate your CHAMP.


The categories are:


• Adult Unpaid Carer

• Paid Carer Award

• Young Carer Award

• Community Carers Champion

• Parent Carer Award

• Support Carers in the Workplace

• Sandwich Carer Award


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