The CHAMPs (Caring, Helpful Amazing People) Awards

Monday 11th September 2023 marks the launch of The CHAMPs (Caring, Helpful Amazing People) Awards .  The award ceremony aims to show our appreciation to Unpaid Carers in Hull for the astonishing difference they make every single day.   The CHAMPs awards will recognise and reward Unpaid Carers for their hard work, kindness and resilience and recognise those Professionals … Read more

Do I have to have my own insurance?

It’s the responsibility of your employer to have insurance. The types of insurance they’re likely to have are public and employer’s liability insurance. If you’re using your car in relation to your employment, you’ll need to ensure it’s insured for business use

What do I do if I think someone is being mistreated?

Each local authority has a policy that helps people know what to do if they suspect that an adult or a child is being mistreated. This is usually called a safeguarding policy. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what safeguarding is about and who to contact, by looking on your local council’s website. … Read more

Who pays me?

Your employer will be responsible for paying you, however they can choose to do that through a payroll service.   Will I get a payslip? Yes, by law you must receive a payslip.   How much holiday pay am I eligible to? The amount of holiday pay that you’re entitled to depends on the number … Read more

Who is my employer?

The employer is the person that recruits you to support them. All employment responsibility lies with the individual, and not with the local authority, health service or any introductory services.

The social model of disability and person-centred practice

The social model is a way of understanding disability. It says that disability is created by barriers in society which generally falls into three categories: ■ the environment – including inaccessible buildings and services ■ people’s attitudes – stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice ■ organisations – inflexible policies, practices and procedures. Using the social model helps … Read more